All on 4 dental implants represent a groundbreaking treatment that utilizes four implants (and, in certain cases, up to 6 through the same technique) to provide support for a fixed bridge. By doing so, this treatment replaces a removable denture with a durable and sturdy base that doesn’t require removal for cleaning purposes.

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Why Choose All On 4 Implants?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are often considered the best option available, and this holds true for the All on 4 method. With their ability to mimic the appearance and sensation of natural teeth, these implants provide you with the ability to eat and talk normally, just as if they were your own teeth. Their secure fit also means that you can enjoy all types of foods without having to worry about your teeth falling out or needing to remove your dentures to eat.

In addition, All on 4 dental implants offer the added benefit of helping to maintain your jaw bone structure, preventing the sunken look that can occur with traditional removable dentures.

By giving you back your smile, All on 4 is an excellent system that restores confidence and enhances your quality of life.

Our All On 4 Dental Implant Package Includes:

  • Free Consultation with Dr Oberai

  • All clinical records, x-rays and photographs

  • All pre & post operative medicines (if required)

  • All On 4 Implant surgery by Dr Oberai & his clinical team (with temporary tooth in place)

  • 1st & 2nd fixed bridgework

  • Review appointments with Dr Oberai

  • Final restoration fitted by Dr Oberai (3-4 months after placement)

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All on 4 Procedure

To begin the All on 4 implant procedure, a local anesthetic is administered to numb the mouth, although sedation is also an additional option. Next, four anchor implants (and possibly six) are inserted into the jawbone, and a temporary bridge is attached. Once the healing period of 6-8 months has passed, your final set of teeth can be affixed to the implants.

This treatment eliminates the inconvenience of poorly fitting dentures and the need for denture removal for cleaning. With a full arch of missing teeth now replaced in a permanent and secure manner, you can bid farewell to these concerns for good.

All On 4 Dental Implants FAQs

Not at all – it may sound like an invasive procedure but with modern technology it really is a seamless and straightforward process. The All on 4 procedure is just like any other implants procedure. Our patients do not report any pain when we place the implants and for the especially nervous patients we do offer sedation as well.
The procedure can be completed in just one day! Meaning you can leave with your new smile after 2-3 hours of surgery time. The implants will be placed into the jawbone and then a temporary bridge will be fitted. It usually takes between 6-8 months following surgery for your jawbone to fully integrate with the implants, and this is when your final teeth (made out of strong ceramic) will be secured to your all on 4 implants.
No – most of our patients will go back to work the next day as normal. Some of them do prefer to book a few days off for healing time.
Following surgery (for a few days to a week) your jaw, mouth and throat will feel sore. This can make eating more difficult and unpleasant. We recommend a soft liquid diet during this stage to help ease the soreness. It is important to stay hydrated following surgery and it is recommended to only have cool drinks, while the numbness has subsided (to avoid burning yourself).

Dr Nikhil Oberai

Meet Nikhil Oberai

Dr Oberai is the principal dentist and co-owner of The Croft Dental and Implant practice in Cheshire.

He is an Honorary Clinical teaching fellow at the University of Manchester for fifth year dental students. He also teaches postgraduate students as part of the Masters of Sc in Dental Implantology. With cutting-edge techniques and consistent and high-quality results, he teaches all over the United Kingdom and is leading the way in new age Implant Dentistry.

You are in very good hands with Dr Oberai when going ahead with any implant treatment.

Masters of Science MSc in Dental Implants (Manch) 2014
Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow at the University of Manchester for Masters in Dental Implants
Key Opinion Leader and lecturer for Osstem Dental Implants UK
Senior Tutor for the Advanced Implant Course at Dentale Training
Mentor for Cambridge Implant Academy
Mentor for University of Manchester Masters In Dental Implants
Clinical Tutor at Dental School University of Manchester