At Croft Dental in Wilmslow, we are a dedicated dental implant centre, offering advanced treatments to our patients. This means from the initial free consultation, to any necessary extractions (or general dental care you may need). To the placement of the dental implants (and restoring them with your new teeth), you will never have to leave our clinic during your dental implant Cheshire treatment.

We are proud to have invested in the very latest equipment to give you a bespoke implant treatment, ensuring a nice and relaxed experience when getting new teeth. Our own principal Dr Nikhil Oberai places & restores the dental implants. From individual missing teeth (a single restored dental implant) to same day smiles and the more advanced treatments of zygomatic dental implants.

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What Is a Dental Implant?

Our teeth are made up of two mains parts – the crown (visible part) and the root (hidden by the gums).  To replace a missing tooth, we use a titanium root (dental implant) and place it securely where the natural root would have been situated. After a short healing period, we restore the implant with a porcelain crown (replacement tooth). This will then look and function as a normal tooth. We can use dental implants for many different scenarios, whether you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth, we have a dental implant solution for you.

Single dental implant Cheshire

Types of Dental Implants Cheshire

Single Dental Implants: Have you lost a tooth or do they feel loose? Is your denture poorly fitted? Having a gappy smile can have an effect on your self-confidence, but did you know it also impacts your dental health?  Dental implants are a great solution to fill the gaps or steady a denture. They are the next best thing to a natural tooth! Book your free consultation to see how we can help you today.

Zygomatic Dental Implants: This is an advanced technique for patients who may not be suitable for traditional dental implants. If there isn’t sufficient bone in the upper jaw, Zygomatic implants can be used by attaching them to the cheekbone instead of the jaw. This is a much better option than traditional removable dentures and also a faster alternative to carrying out a bone grafting procedure. If you have been turned down in the past for implants, find out if you could be a suitable candidate by book your free consultation today.

Same Day Teeth: You can walk in and out of our clinic the same day with your new teeth fitted! 4-6 implants can be placed with an immediate bridge secured in place, no more taking teeth in and for cleaning. Book your free consultation to find out if this is the ideal solution for you!

All on 4 Dental Implants: This advanced technique offers denture wearers a permanent solution. You can enjoy a full arch restoration through a minimally invasive procedure, that is truly life changing! Book your free consultation to see which option is best for you.

Denture Implants: If you’re fed up of wearing loose fitting dentures, dental implants are a great way to stabilise them for comfort, and to build your confidence. There are two ways to do this, implant retained dentures or implant supported dentures. Book your free consultation to find out if you are suitable for denture implants.

Full Arch Dental Implants Dr Nikhil Oberai

Dr Nikhil Oberai

Meet Nikhil Oberai

Dr Oberai is the principal dentist and co-owner of The Croft Dental and Implant practice in Cheshire.

He is an Honorary Clinical teaching fellow at the University of Manchester for fifth year dental students. He also teaches postgraduate students as part of the Masters of Sc in Dental Implantology. With cutting-edge techniques and consistent and high-quality results, he teaches all over the United Kingdom and is leading the way in new age Implant Dentistry.

You are in very good hands with Dr Oberai when going ahead with any implant treatment.

Masters of Science MSc in Dental Implants (Manch) 2014
Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow at the University of Manchester for Masters in Dental Implants
Key Opinion Leader and lecturer for Osstem Dental Implants UK
Senior Tutor for the Advanced Implant Course at Dentale Training
Mentor for Cambridge Implant Academy
Mentor for University of Manchester Masters In Dental Implants
Clinical Tutor at Dental School University of Manchester