Please see below for our full dental fee guide. If you are interested in a particular treatment, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation to see how we can help you today.

Treatment Pricing
General Treatments
New patient exam £60.00 (including x-rays)
Routine exam £60.00
Children’s exam £30.00
Single x-ray £15.00
Emergency fee £50.00
Emergency call out service (out of hours) £145.00
Hygiene Treatments
30 minute hygienist appointment £84.00
45 minute hygienist appointment £126.00
60 minute hygienist appointment £168.00
Fluoride treatments £30.00
Airflow £15.00 (on top of hygiene appointment fee)
Teeth Whitening
Boutique Whitening £350.00 £299.00 – Special Offer
Enlighten £600.00
Orthodontic Treatments
Teeth straightening consultation Free of charge
Invisalign Clin-check £325.00
Invisalign Express (7 aligners both top and bottom) £1,175.00
Invisalign Lite (14 aligners both top and bottom) £2,975.00
Invisalign Full (unlimited aligners both top and bottom) £3,575.00
Invisalign Vivera Retainers (6 aligners both top and bottom) £300.00
Clear braces (per arch) From £800.00
Quick straight teeth (per arch) From £1,500.00
Vivera retainers (3x dual arch) £300.00
Standard clear retainer (per arch) £100.00
Fixed retainer (per arch) £150.00
Sedation fee £350.00
Extra treatment time per hour (if needed) £200.00
Oral Surgery
Surgical extraction From £250.00
Bone Grafts From £450.00
Oral pathology & report £350.00
Cyst removal £250.00
Restorative Dentistry
Fillings (per surface) From £175.00
Crowns – porcelain From £750.00
Bridges – (per unit) From £750.00
Porcelain veneers – (per tooth) From £750.00
Composite bonding – (per tooth) From £250.00
Dentures – cobalt chrome (per arch) From £800.00
Dentures – acrylic (per full arch) From £450.00
Dentures – acrylic (per partial arch) From £400.00
Dental Implants
Implant Consultation Free
CT Scan £120.00
Single Implant Placement From £1,300.00
Dental Implant Crown & Abutment From £1,000.00
Same Day Implants Single From £2,000.00
Implant Bridge Replacing 3 Teeth From £3,500.00
Implant Retained Dentures Per Arch From £5,000.00
Bone Augmentation From £450.00
Sinus Graft From £500.00
Sinus Lift From £850.00
Sedation From £350.00
Dental Implant Packages Full Mouth Rehabilitation For more information please visit
Silver Implant Package From £11,500.00
Gold Implant Package From £14,500.00
Platinum Implant Package From £19,500.00
Facial Rejuvenation
Botox – One Area £150.00
Botox – Two Areas £175.00
Botox – Three Areas £200.00
Dermal Fillers – Cheeks £230.00
Dermal Fillers – Jaw line £230.00
Dermal Fillers – Lip £230.00
Dermal Fillers – Marionette lines £230.00
Dermal Fillers – Nose £230.00
Endodontics Treatments
Root canal treatment From £650.00
Re root canal treatment supplement £150.00
Post-removal £150.00
Apicectomy £595.00
Sports Guards
Sports mouth guard – single colour £80.00
Sports mouth guard – multi colour £100.00

Please Note all our dental fees are subject to change and are case dependant. After an examination or consultation and before commencing any treatment, we provide all our patients with a Treatment Plan including a written estimate of the costs of the proposed treatment.

Our Promise To Our Patients:‍

  • We will perform a detailed consultation and provide each patient with a comprehensive treatment plan
  • We will include accurate costing and no hidden extras
  • We will use tried and tested materials which ensure long lasting results
  • We will advise on all risks and benefits of each treatment