I can’t stop smiling!

“I had four missing teeth at the front of my mouth. As you can imagine, I was very conscious when smiling and eating was also particularly difficult.

I’m glad I found Nik. He has done a fantastic job at restoring my smile.

Using two implants, he was able to replace the four missing teeth and they have been matched to my natural tooth colour.

You cant even tell they are false teeth! Thank you Nik!”



Treatment Solution

James came to see us because he was missing his front four anterior teeth. Using digital planning, we placed two implants into his jawbone. This was then followed up with teeth whitening on his existing teeth and some treatment with his gums.

We then carried out a digital simulation of what his teeth would look like. We consulted with James to see if he was happy with the final look. James was happy so we proceeded to have his new teeth made and they were then fitted securely to his implants.

As you can see, we achieved a nice aesthetic result which also acts and function as normal teeth.